I've just uploaded a new version of Houseflip! with a big, big update! The game has the same basic premise - gain equity to score higher and actions to play longer - but it's played almost entirely on a single screen and there is no longer a game timer. I think you'll find the game to be much more streamlined and easier to understand at a glance.

Houses now move from left to right through each neighborhood, one unlocked neighborhood randomly losing a house from the RHS column at the end of each month. Cold and fair markets are more likely to have houses drop in value as they remain on the market.

The game ends when all houses are gone or when you run out of actions. I hope you like the new version of the game as much as I do!


A first playable demo of the simulator is now available! There is also a road map that shows new features I have planned. The current version only lasts for twelve months but I expect to release a new version with more features soon that will last the full 30 years that the simulator is planned to take place over.

The demo is based, very roughly, on the Waco real estate market. Neighborhood names have been used but not actual street names or properties. I plan to support more North American real estate markets in the future.

I make no warranty or guarantees about the fitness of this software to predict real world investment outcomes!


Quick update about the simulator which I'm hoping to release in a first playable format by month end!

Currently I've been looking for a market to locate the first version of the simulator in. My ideal has affordable housing, good rental demand and price points that make well considered fixing and re-selling a viable option for a real estate investor.

Currently I'm considering Waco, Texas because it's an affordable market with upside and plenty of houses that can be fixed and flipped. If you are thinking that I would not have chosen Waco before Chip and Joanna Gaines started fixing houses there... you'd be correct!

Other markets I looked at and passed over? Santa Cruz, CA. A beautiful beach town, a bedroom community for Silicon Valley and... rents that are far below mortgages. Santa Cruz may continue to offer investment opportunities but it doesn't cover all the bases that I'm looking for in terms of investor options.

Also in consideration has been Nashville, TN where it appears that every single house has already been bought and renovated! While I'm sure that's not entirely true I looked at twenty houses between Hope Gardens and Sylvan Park and... they were all newly renovated!


I've just updated Houseflip and Classic (WIP), some bug fixes, lots of tuning, especially to Houseflip. Classic WIP should now yield higher scores than the original version.


Houseflip is back online.


Another tuning update to Classic (WIP).


I've just uploaded a new Work In Progress (WIP) version of Classic, lots of changes to hopefully give you more to think about over the course of the 60 months of game play!


Classic is back online.


A sizeable technology update which should be followed by faster game polishing and improvement through the end of October. The site no longer stores cookies!

House Flip! has had some minor tuning for tension. You can no longer have more than 5 actions at a time, yellow neighborhood stops adding listings after 12 months and red after 24.


Loot Reward will go down for a little while in the next 24 hours as we migrate to the new server. All coins have already been moved!.


Small update to House Flip tonight which adds unlockable neighborhoods based upon scoring goals and some additional tweaking and polishing.


Things have been quiet here on the news front but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

The Start button link will now take you (temporarily) to the Rusty Axe site as this site is migrated to a new and hopefully more stable dedicated server!

Also, there's a new game! House Flip! is available to try as a first playable and features a fun new board gamey kind of play mechanic where you have limited actions. Play well, get more actions and build an equity based high score!

The simulator will be released later this Fall!


Real Estate Empire Simulator announced!


Updated Real Estate Empire Deck, now officially the beta version!

This site is free to play and partners with Loot Reward for in game prizes!


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